Colour & Treatments

Hair Colour

Hair Colour

Hair Colour

Colours include dry off  

all prices from

Regrowth Scalp Colour   $75  

Full colour            Short $90   Med $100   Long $110   XL $120

T section regrowth               $55

Bleach retouch w toner         $130      

Bleach All Over w toner

Short $145   Med $155   Long $175   XL $185

Colour gloss               Short $65   Med $76   Long $87   XL $99

(lasts up to 8 Shampoo’s)

Toner w/o service      Price on Consultation


Foils include dry off & Toner

All prices from

scattered 10 foils      Short $70 Med $75 Long $85 XL $95

1/4 Head foils           Short $98 Med $110 Long $120   XL $130

1/2 Head foils            Short $140   Med $152   Long $163   XL $173

3/4 Head foils           Short $163   Med $173   Long $185   XL $190

Full head foils           Short $185   Med $195   Long $205   XL $215

Streaking Cap inc dry off & Toner

Short $130   Med $140   Long $150   XL $N/A

a discount will apply if a toner is not required.

Advanced Colour Techniques

Colour out (dark to light)  Price on consultation only

Colour in (light to dark)    Price on consultation only

Wild colours/fashion   Price on consultation only

Ombre/ Balayage     Price on Consultation

Ombre/Balayage w regrowth   Price on Consultation


Hair Treatments

All prices from

PM (Power Mix) w service         $15

PM (Power Mix) w/o service     $40

PF (Profiber) w service              $20

PF (Profiber) w/o service         $50

SB (Smartbond) w service        $25

SB (Smartbond) w/o service     $55

Treatments w/o service include a dry off.

for more information on L’Oréal Professionnel Colours, treatments etc visit

Please note if more time or product is needed for your service an extra will apply. dry off = hair is not totally dry and use of paddle brush only.