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Opening  Hours

Tuesday 9am to 1pm

Wednesday 9am to 5pm

Thursday 9am to 5pm (later by appointment)

Friday 9am to 5pm

Saturday 9am to 1pm (later by appointment)

(Closing times are a guide as we may close earlier depending on appointments)

Ph: 3274 2266

Shear Image Hair

   Children that are having their very first haircut at Shear Image will receive a complimentary “First Hair Cut Certificate”. We also have a designated Children’s Area to keep them entertained while they have a hair cut or while you are having your services.

Please note: we are unable to do any hair services if you have: head lice or head lice eggs in your hair. This is a health & safety requirement. If you are unsure, please let us know and we will be able to check for you as they are/can be hard to spot. We are also able to recommend a head lice treatments.

With ALL our Services, if more time &/or product is needed for your appointment - then extra charges will incur.

With all Colour Prices: We cannot consult or quote prices without seeing your hair.

All Colours are not available for anyone under 16 yrs old. We can only guarantee our colour services, only if you are using a salon only shampoo & conditioner range.

Foils exclude a Toner service  

Our Salon Etiquette, allows everyone to experience a stress free & relaxing atmosphere.

1 Please  listen & respect your stylist’s advice

2 Mobile Phones: if you would like to have a private conversation on your mobile, we have a back area where you can sit in private as other people maybe able to hear you.

3 Children: Children are very welcome in our salon, we have a children’s area full of toys, Nintento WII, dvd’s etc. We ask how-ever that, while in the salon that they do not touch or play with any salon equipment or products & respect our property & that all toys, games & dvd’s are tidied & put away before leaving. Salon equipment is very expensive & without the equipment we will be unable to complete services. If any equipment is damaged or broken, due to your child/children, you will be required to pay for these damages.

4 Please do not wear expensive clothing if you are having a colour service. Accidents can happen, although we do try our best to prevent this from occurring. If colour does somehow get on your clothing, we take no responsibility for your clothes, unless we deliberately get colour on your clothes. Therefore when you are having a colour service please ensure your cape stays on and covers your clothes at all times.

5 We are a full service salon & prefer to give you a full service. We don’t like to rush our services or our clients, so please allow plenty of time (5 to 10 mins early would be preferable). If you are running/going to be late, we will do our best to accommodate you, however, to avoid inconveniencing our other clients we may not be able to guarantee your full service/ or we may have to reschedule you.

6 For all hair service’s, advance bookings are preferred, this allows us to organise our day & to make sure we do not rush you.

7 For all new clients, we may/will require a 50% non refundable deposit on all services, this can either be by cash or credit card. If you have booked or booking online we will call you on the next business day for you to pay over the phone.

8 We do appreciate 24 hrs notice if you need to cancel or postpone your service. Deposits/cancellation fee’s are non refundable. Unfortunately if you do not Reply to SMS or Email Confirmations this will result in the appointment being cancelled.

9 With all cutting appointments; to guarantee the best result it is best to have/book in for a shampoo, cut & style. This is for various reasons: (1) if you are changing or adding a fringe/layer/restyle/lots of length, for it to sit the best/look the best it is much better to be shampooed & blowdried than just dried off, this way we can guarantee you, that you are looking & feeling your best.

10 We do guarantee all our services within a 7 day time frame. If you do not like what we have done, call us within 7 days and we will: consult & find out what we can do, we will then either try to fix the service free of charge, if it cannot be fixed we will refund the cost of the service (minus the cost of product used). We will not refund any money/s due to change of mind. We also may charge you for the cost of product to redo your service.

11 Smartbond services exclude the take home conditioner.

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