About Shear Image

It all started in February 2007 (even though its been a salon since 1988).

Shear Image has a long history, starting back at around 20 + years ago. Where the salon is located now, use to be a hair salon and the other half a chicken shop (2 seperate shops), what we have found out is that once the chicken shop left, the salon became one big shop and used to do body piercings and tattooing! We don’t know when that stopped and the salon then offered beauty services.

The current owners bought the salon in 2007, the salon offered previously beauty, hair services and a solarium (tanning bed). When they took over they sold the tanning bed straight away (this was around when the person died from skin cancer due to tanning beds). They introduced a children’s area (this still continues to this day), cafe style beverages (free of charge) and always has up to date magazines. (There is nothing worse then reading last years goss).

The previous owner didn’t have much retail to offer. So they introduced L’Oreal Professionnel and has been using L’Oreal Professionnel to this day. For beauty services they introduced Thalgo skin care. As of January 2015 Beauty services ceased. (Shear Image ceased beauty services due to a lot of factors)

Shear Image has come a long way since 2007  (it has had its highs and lows) and will continue to improve each and every day, thanks to all of Shear Images past, present and future clients.

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Shear Image Hair

Ph: 3274 2266

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 Saturday & Tuesday 9am to 1pm

Wednesday to Friday 9am to 5pm

 (Thursday & Saturday later by appointment)

(Closing times are a guide as we may close earlier depending on appointments)

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Shop 1 & 2, 5 Currey Avenue

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